How to Customize Profile in Bingo Bash

How to Customize Profile in Bingo Bash? [Complete Guide]

Having a good profile in the Bingo Bash game can help you in many ways. And if you are looking to know how you can customize your profile in a bingo bash game then you are in the right place.

Here in this article, you can find out how to customize your bingo bash profile only with a few steps. Customization of your profile includes changing profile pictures, frames, and charms in the game.

All these customizations are available for free as long as you have unlocked all required items in the game. And in case you need to get more bingo bash chips then you can collect free chips from here.

The important thing to keep in mind is that you have access to all profile pictures from level one in the bingo bash game. And you can choose any of your favorite profile pictures for yourself.

But all frames and charms are locked, and you have access to only 1 frame and 1 charm at level 1. As you keep playing this game and complete levels in the bingo bash game, you will get more frames and charms unlocked for you.

If you have connected your Facebook account with bingo bash then you can also show your Facebook profile pic as a game profile pic in bingo bash. In this case, you can also customize your bingo bash profile as well.

Customize Profile in Bingo Bash Game

Here is a complete step-by-step process that you can follow in order to customize your profile and make it amazing. 

  • First, open the bingo bash game on your device, and next click on the little profile icon available in the right top corner.
Open Bingo Bash Profile
  • Here you can see how your profile looks to you and other bingo bash players. Click on the ‘Customize’ button available in the middle.
Customize Profile in Bingo Bash
  • In this step, you can see a total of 3 options are available: Pictures, Frames, and Charms. All profile pictures are available for all you users so you can select any of your favorites. (You can also keep your Facebook profile as a picture and to do that simply click on the Facebook icon)
Click on Frames
  • Next click on the ‘Frames’ button, now depending on your level you will have the option to choose frames. For all new users, only one frame is available either you can keep that or select none.
Click on Charms
  • In the last step click on ‘Charms’ and same as frames only one charm is available for new users.

As you can see how easy it is to customize your profile in the bingo bash game. You can make your profile stunning especially when you are on a higher level of the game. In order to reach a higher level in the game you can check out some bingo bash tips and how to play this game properly.

Benefits of Good Bingo Bash Profile

Even though most players know some benefits of having a good profile in the bingo bash game. But here we are sharing some of them so check it out:

  1. First, as you have more Charms and Frames, it shows the good status of the player in this game and that is important as well.
  2. Having a good and customized bingo bash profile can give you the self-motivation to finish more levels and upgrade your profile.
  3. When you have a good profile that means you are in good rank in the game and that can also help you to get more freebies in this game.

As I mentioned, having a good profile shows how good a player is in the bingo bash game. So it is important for all bingo bash players to customize their profile with available frames and charms, and make it good looking.


Here in this article, we share how you can customize your profile in the bingo bash game with step by step process. And also cover why you should have a good profile in the game and customize it with available frames and charms. Most bingo bash keeps their Facebook profile as the picture and you can do that too.

And in that case, if you want to change your picture in the game, you have to change your profile picture in the game. If you are facing any issues customizing your profile in this game then let us know in the comment box.

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